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Happy terrariums Tracker and Gratitude Spread

Here is a tracker and gratitude spread tutorial using our Happy Terrariums theme - Read on to find out how easy it is to set up a journal page with our stickers!


These materials were what I used for reference, but you may use any supplies you have on hand :)

I enjoy tracking my habits, especially exercising and water intake. When I felt like I hadn’t done enough, I took a look at my tracker and realized I’ve been working too hard! So I gave myself a break and enjoyed a treat day. Trackers have become an essential part of my journaling ever since!

Often I forget to be grateful for the little things and end up frustrated. Along with the trackers that help me realize how much I’m doing, having a gratitude section really helps me reflect on the month and slow down. 

That’s my inspiration for this spread and let me show you how we can set this up quickly with minimal drawing!

Since this spread is going to have 2 sections I put them on one page each. As always you can add more sections and maybe even a gratitude box for each week. It’s totally up to you!

Let’s start with the most important part of the spread - the monthly title. I’m using my handy journaling set for this. Place it anywhere you like along the top of the spread. 

Moving on, let’s set down the next biggest section. For me it’s the monthly tracker stickers. As an added bonus they match the colour palette of each month’s theme! Feel free to draw these out of you prefer or need a different type of tracker.

Since there is a lot of empty space around the trackers, I’m using some terrariums to decorate.

Next, getting to the gratitude section on the other side, I’m drawing a ladder shelf so I can add some plants on it. You can skip this step if you need more space for your sections. If you’d like to make it simpler, you can switch out the ladder for simple lines that act like shelves instead!

For the top shelf I want to hang some plants, just to mix it up and have some variety. If you want varying lengths, just add a line with a black marker at the top of the sticker.

The middle shelf is going to have some terrariums peeking out as if they are hidden behind the legs of the ladder. To do this I cut off one side of the sticker.

For the bottom of the shelf I’m adding some big terrariums (pretending they are too big and heavy for the shelves haha)

Feel free to mix things up and have fun decorating your shelf!

Finally getting to the gratitude part, I’m using the gratitude sticker sheet for the header. These also come in colours that match the monthly theme! You can also write down any heading you like.

To define an area to write under the heading I’m drawing lines with a brush pen. You can also switch this out for a box or any other design!

I know I should have probably started with the heading first, but I missed it and I’m getting to it in the end as there is a lot of space at the top. It’s an easy fix!

You can also get creative and add more doodles of vines or plants at the top or decorate with stickers!

That’s all for the spread!

We have added a link to the Happy Terrariums Collection to get everything you need to make this spread. Subscribe to our monthly Journal subscription to get cute stickers like these mailed to you every month and feel free to come back here for inspiration or tutorials for your spreads! Happy journalling!

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We will be posting more tutorials here soon, so follow us on Instagram @hubmanchubgirl.store for updates. Thanks everyone and I hope you find these helpful!

For more inspiration on these spreads and more, click on the link below :)

Here's everything you need to make this spread and much more!

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