What's Inside the Monthly Journal Subscription

1 Sticker Sheets

High quality, waterproof, UV protected sticker sheets - perfect to decorate your phone, laptop, water bottle!

2 Planner Stickers

Every month you will receive all the newly designed planner stickers you need for the entire month!

Postcard & Greeting Card 3

Send a friend a greeting or thank you with our greeting card.

Downloadable Items 4

Phone and desktop wallpapers, calendars, and stationery items for download! Don’t know how to use planners? We’ll have tutorials and inspiration to help you!

How it works

1. Subscribe

Sign up for our monthly subscription.

2. Receive package

Receive your monthly package of stickers.

3. Create & Play

Decorate your belongings and bring your planners to life.

4. Share with our Community

Share your planner design or get inspiration from our private community!

Monthly Subscriptions


Journal Subscription


Monthly package will include everything from the sticker subscription, plus 10 planner stickers every month! You will get access to our private communities, 20% off the entire store, and double the Pineapple Points!


Sticker Subscription


Every month you'll receive a package of 3 newly designed sticker sheets, 2 die cut stickers, 1 greeting card, and 1 post card. You also get access to our private communities, 20% off the entire store, and double the Pineapple Points!

What is the difference between this tier and Patreon?

Journal subscription: You will get everything from the mailing Patreon tier - plus many more stickers for your planner!

Sticker subscription: this is the same as the Patreon mailing tier, but you will get 1 extra sticker sheet every month!

Website subscribers also get 20% off the entire store which stacks with other discount codes, and double the Pineapple Points.

When does my first shipment ship out and how long does it take to arrive?

Shipments take 3 days to process.

Shipping times to North America takes about 1-2 weeks. 

International shipments will take 2 or more weeks to arrive.

We have strict cut-off dates for International customers because of the unpredictable shipping times.

What’s inside the box?

You get everything you need to decorate your planner for the entire month, and more stickers to decorate anything you want!

Planner stickers include labels for Monday to Sunday, numbered dates, and more for the entire month.

What if I don't know how to make my own journal or planner?

Each month we will release video guides and pictures on how to use our stickers with our sketchbooks! Our sketchbooks have a dot-grid to make it easy for you to follow along!

What if I'm a Patron who wants to switch to the sticker or journal subscription?

Simply email us at support@hubmanchubgirl.com or click the chat box on the bottom right and send us your subscription information. If you got charged for both Patreon and this website - we will refund your Patreon fee!

Is the journaling subscription box worth it?

This is our 2nd subscription package we’ve launched, the 1st having over 1,000 members since we introduced it earlier this year.

You get over $50 worth of stickers and stationery in each package, and this doesn’t include all of the other perks such as exclusive content, store discounts, downloadable goodies, and much more!

What other benefits are there other than the monthly package?

- Exclusive Hubman and Chubgirl comics.

- 20% storewide discount.

- Downloadable phone and desktop wallpapers, monthly calendars, and more. Updated every month.

- Access to our private Discord and Facebook community where Hubman and Chubgirl hang out!

- Monthly guides on how to make your planner with our stickers!