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Cozy Bakery Spread Tutorials

Cozy Bakery Spread Tutorials

We're going to do the tutorials a little different this month: we posted an Instagram reels where I make the monthly spread and weekly spreads, and this blog post goes into more detail of how I did it! We will update this article as we show more cozy bakery spreads. Let us know in the comments what you think about it, and you can also discuss it in our Facebook group! We will still post a YouTube video with the same content as the reels.


  • Light pink brush pen (I used a Tombow dual brush pen, 761)
  • Light brown brush pen (Tombow)
  • 0.38mm Black Gel pen (Muji)
  • 0.50mm Black Gel pen (Pigma Micron 08)

I also used everything from the Cozy Bakery box set and the monthly subscription package. You can get your box set below or join our journal subscription to get all the stickers you need to journal with every month!



The monthly spread I made is my standard 5x5 dots size, in this case I made the weekends a 4x5 since it’s more chill and there’s less to do. I will remind you many times throughout my tutorials: there is no right or wrong way to journal or plan, this is a place to get creative and make them to fit you and your life. You can treat my tutorials as a starting point, but whether you want a 5x5 or a 7x7 square for each date in your monthly spread, that’s up to you.


Whatever you choose to do, I always mark the outline with a pencil before I write in pen, and I always position the spread so the divider on the page serves as a line - you don’t want it in the middle of one of your dates!


I use the micron gel pen as a thicker outline, and any place where it will be touching the brush pen. The brush pen will smudge a muji gel pen (even if you wait a long time), so make sure you don’t use these pens too close to one another.

I hate smudges :(

Other notes:

  • I used the brown brush pen to give the spread some depth by highlighting the left and bottom lines.
  • I used the pink brush pen to color in the awning, simply just color every other line. Place the dates of the week to complete the look.
  • Use any of our smaller planner stickers to decorate randomly! Go wild!


Make a solid stroke that follows the dotted lines, do this with every other line and alternate colors. Use any of our 2022 basics stickers as a header, or write your own!


I made little bake shops for each day of the week in my first weekly spread - it's the same idea as the monthly spread but just more of them! I placed 3 shops on the left side of the page, and 4 on the right - you can choose as many as you'd like for yours. You can even make 1 bake shop per page for each day if you want - there are no rules!

I placed the days of the week on the awnings, with washi tape and stickers filling in the gaps. Repeat the same thing for the 2nd page and voila! There is your first weekly spread!

We will be posting the 2nd weekly spread later this week, follow us on Instagram @hubmanchubgirl for updates. Thanks everyone and I hope you find these helpful!