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Introduction to Journaling

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of life? Or maybe you're constantly battling stress, anxiety, or a sense of disconnection from yourself? If so, you're not alone. I’ve always had a hard time focusing and didn't have a good way of organizing my tasks. I tried using calendar and notes apps, but never stuck with it. I tried notebooks and planners, but would always abandon them after a couple weeks - it was hard to stay consistent and committed to it, until I started creative journaling

But first... what is journaling?

Journaling involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on paper. It's your personal space to reflect on your life, set goals, and explore your inner world. It can also be short and sweet, point-form notes to track or plan events, tasks, or errands.

Benefits of journaling

Journaling offers lots of benefits that can help improve your life! Here are a few:

😖 Express your emotions
Through journaling, you get to know yourself better. You'll identify your values, beliefs, and what truly matters to you, leading to greater self-awareness.

Track your life and achieve your goals
Journaling is an effective tool for setting and tracking your goals. It keeps you accountable and motivated to work towards your dreams.

🎯 Prioritize your tasks and goals
Tracking your progress and achievements in your journal motivates you to keep working toward your goals.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Reduce stress and relax
Writing down your worries and anxieties can be incredibly therapeutic. It allows you to release pent-up tension, making room for a sense of calm.

📸 Memory keeping
Journaling about your experiences can help you remember important events, lessons learned, and milestones in your life.

🎨 Creative Outlet
Decorating your journal allows you to draw, doodle, use stickers and make your journaling time something to look forward to!

What is Creative Journaling?

Simply put, creative journaling combines journaling with drawings and doodles to help brighten up your journal so you can look forward to writing in it daily. I feel much happier and more eager to open a book of cute doodles than pages and pages of text. Also, the process of setting up the journal is very therapeutic and you can customize it to exactly what you need.

With our stickers you don’t need to be artistically skilled to make your journals look great - the different themes are prompts that help jump-start your creative process. This process not only helps you set up your journaling routine, but it also helps to relieve stress, relax, and have fun at the same time!

Building the habit of Journaling

Starting a journaling habit may seem daunting, but let's break it down into simple steps to make it easier to help you get started and maintain the practice:

🕖 Set a Regular Time
Find a time in your daily routine when you can dedicate a few minutes to journaling. It can be in the morning, before bed, or during a lunch break.
You could also tack it on as an additional step to an existing routine to make it easier to incorporate it into your daily life. For example, you could add it in as the last step of your bedtime routine or something you do while drinking your daily coffee.

🌟 Start Small
Don't feel pressured to make your journal aesthetically pleasing, instead focus on the things that it helps you accomplish.

✍🏼 Write Freely
Your journal is a safe space. Write without judgment, censorship, or fear of what others might think.

Stay Consistent
Building a habit takes time. Be patient with yourself, and don't get discouraged if you miss a day or two. It’s a good idea to place your journal where you spend most of your day eg: your desk at work or beside your bed. This makes it more accessible and becomes a physical reminder to journal every day.

The starter set

I made this beginner set with some of our most popular items to help you get started. It’s got everything you need to create your own journal spreads, including pens and tools I frequently use. I’ll walk you through the basics of creative journaling and how it’s helped me both focus on my goals and be creative at the same time.

Before you go..

There’s an endless number of ways to set up and use your journal depending on what goals you want to achieve, whether you want to plan out your week or track your mood and habits. It may take you a while to find out what works for you, and it may seem like a very daunting task not knowing where to start, but these starter sets help you set up a basic journaling outline with cute themes that you can customise and build upon to suit your own needs. We’ll start with the basics like a monthly calendar spread, a weekly spread, and a daily spread. And we’ll also show examples of other spreads you can add as well!

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