Custom Couples Commission


Have you and your special someone drawn in Hubman and Chubgirl style as a wallpaper or square profile picture!  Base price starts at $50 and you can addon for an extra fee: custom background, clothes, pet, person, and greeting!

How it works:
1. After you submit the order you will receive an email from asking for details and photos

2. You can choose either square image (2048x2048) or phone wallpaper image (1080x1920)

3. Provide your names and photos clearly showing faces/hairstyle and clothing (if you chose custom clothes)

4. Choose a colour for the standard background or provide an image or description if you chose custom background.

5. Provide any other details that can help Chubgirl draw you more accurately

6. You will receive a first draft within 2 weeks

Thank you!

*Digital copy ONLY In high res JPG or PDF*